So if your like me it feels like just yesterday I was with my family, watching Seacreast and Fergie introduce the new year called 2010 with Joy and fandom, while musicians (at least that's what they are still calling them these days) played ill fitted songs and wore less clothes then Eve (not the rapper...the mother). We as a family were going through our traditions of making our own New Years Ball (see photo) and 2010 felt boundless.
That was also 6 minutes ago (or at least it felt that way). Needless to say 2010 was going to be a great year. It was. But going into 2011 i plan on trying something different. I'm gonna "Catch the Curve".
I'm swinging early in 2011. I'm making my plans earlier, setting things in motion now. I'm not gonna introduce myself to the new year, I'm going to make the new year feel as he (or she ) is the guest and I've been here the whole time. 
Here some quick tips that are helping me do so.

1. Work those resolutions today. Don't wait till Jan 1st. By Jan 4th most of us have quit, so catch that curve ball early.
2. Make spiritual and logical goals. (I'm gonna find a place to worship, AND I'm gonna fit into my jeans from h.s. again). 
3. Take the thing you know you failed at from last year the MOST, and make it your TOP priority to achieve this year. This builds character, and tenacity.
4. Give your "list" to someone today. 
5. Try to set some quarterly goals (monthly, weekly are awsome too).

Remember in about 6 minutes your going to be sitting there going 
"What happened to 2011?" 
If you plan ahead, catch the curve, you won't.

Here's to the new year (and tacky seacrest)...