Just got off the phone with a broken hearted pastor friend of mine going through a brutal beating right now. (I got his permission to blog on this). He's a great man of God. I find myself extremely Blessed to never have been through what he's going through, but broken hearted for what he is going through. After all, he's a friend. Real friends feel for one another, good and bad. Don't get me wrong. I've had my disappointments, my hurts, my pains. I've felt as abandoned as the next pastor who poured himself into people, only to be hated for his decision/opinion/council. 
But nothing like my friend is going through. He feels brutally betrayed. I've known him long enough to know his character and have 0 reason to NOT believe him. He's led a godly lifestyle and from a insane point of humility. He puts Christ first and his calling at a very high level. He's a servant/pastor to the core. He just feels betrayed. He feels forgotten, he feels abandoned.

     If people are FUNNY, then people mixed with ministry is HYSTERICAL.  The servant/pastor type can struggle with this as my friend is right now. It's amazing how you can literally be a hero one day, and totally despised and forgotten the next. I listened to my friends story and felt for him. I've talked to a lot of pastors who have gone through this. If my friends church really stopped to think of how much he loves, has sacrificed, and would do (and has done) anything for them, they would probably be embarrassed by their actions. They've forgotten his heart for them (haven't we all done this to someone at some point?).  They don't like one thing, and they've let that one (non-essential thing) to define their relationship now. It's the sin of immaturity, and it can tear churches, but more importantly people apart.

      I scrambled my brain for scripture as he was unloading his story on me. I couldn't think of anything! I couldn't think of one story, one Psalm, even Solomon abandoned me. So I listened, I encouraged, we prayed, and the only thing I could think of to tell him was the thing that should comfort us all when we feel we've invested and then feel abandoned. 

3 powerful words.

I got this from my friend Donna Dussek ( you can visit her as well at (http://travail.weebly.com/). I'm a pastor in the midst of helping my church launch multiple sites in the NY area. But after watching this I couldn't help but as myself who the hell do I think I am? A holy rage built up inside of me (Ephesians 4:26). For years I have had such a problem with TBN christianity, and the mega/tele church pastors that I almost have to be honest I have been utterly embarrassed by my so called profession. Just last night my wife was out and I was gazing on 3 different TBN like stations and my stomach began to churn. I watched as pastors turned superstars over and over and over again. I'm not opposed to success, I'm opposed to EXCESS.. Recently we had a pastors appreciation, and though it was NOT the over the top spectical it was 2 years ago. I left feeling dirty. (side bar: Those who put on the dinner did it with such a amazing heart, kindness, generosity, love, and appreciation I can not tell you how awesome they are. This is not a post about THEM). It's a post about ME. My peers, the Leadership of the church of Jesus Christ. We are creating a church on personality, pastor centric, and adoration. This video below is a insane confirmation of what God is putting on my heart for several years now. I will not chase crowns, or crowds...but hearts and souls after you my God. Thank God for MEN like Francis Chan willing to speak out with conviction and courage.. God forgive me for who I am....