So If I had one person in the bible (all you about to throw stones beware) my favorite HAS to be Joseph. It's NOT sacrilege to NOT say Jesus. Jesus is more of a MUST then to be put in some petty list of favorites. My favorites I choose, my MUST'S are not negotiable (that, and I can't go to hell for NOT making Joseph my favorite). So now that we have that out of the way, back to JOE, or Joey. We all know the stories and some of the few points I love about him was 

His heart:
He never held onto the bitterness even when given power.
His care: 
He could have held all of those dreams and told all to "figure it out"
His leadership:
He was so trusted the bible says Pharoah only knew the food that was in front of his face.
His tenacity:
To have power, lose it falsley, and regain it PLUS SOME is more powerful then just "maintaining" a certain level of leadership/influence.

But it's in the beginning of it all. Long story short. Jacob is basically being used as a piece of meat amongst his many "ladies" (those o.t. guys had it made....WHAT??) Everyone wants a piece of the old Jacob. "Lay with me, lay with my servant". The bible says that literally he walked out of the fields RIGHT INTO BED....(and all the married men said AMEN)

But the most beautiful part comes after Jacob is "done". He's probably exhausted at this point. The bible becomes poetic (as it does so very often when bringing things together). In Gen 30:22 it says this: "Then God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her and opened her womb".
To me, the words "THEN GOD REMEMBERED" should be the very beginning to everything
I'm going to write some of these blogs very "open" ended so we can dialogue. 

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