If your a student looking for scholarships here's some info on a great one from a colleague of mine. Info below...
Hello friends,
I am not sure if you have heard news regarding a new scholarship opportunity for students. But the rumors are true. The Law offices of Buttafuoco & Associates recently launched what is quite possibly the most generous scholarship for students in our community called the Young Christian Leaders Scholarship Fund. $500,000 over the next ten years! Young Christian Leaders (YCL) Scholarships are monthly awards of $1,000 given to high school seniors and/or currently enrolled full-time undergraduates who have been endorsed by their peers, family and spiritual leaders as a person possessing a profound measure of character, commitment to service, and financial need.
As an active committee member, I have been asked to encourage local Youth Pastors to get their students to apply. We anticipate thousands of student applications in the coming months, so it is important to quickly consider and take advantage of this opportunity. 
Our desire is to encourage and raise up Christian leaders in the community. We understand that our country has fallen upon hard economic times and finances may be an issue for those students wishing to continue their education. We want to reward students who have shown dedication, character, promise and determination by providing them the opportunity to be selected for one of fifty $1,000 scholarships that will be awarded each calendar year. But we cannot do this alone: We need your help.
We are asking that you and members of your congregation encourage students that they feel are qualified to be Young Christian Leaders, and are strong candidates to be recipients of a scholarship, to apply. Out of this pool of students that we receive, we will pray and carefully process and evaluate each applicant based on four categories: voting, academic achievement/service, character, and need. Every student application must include a recommendation from their pastor or youth pastor. A full description of the scholarship guidelines and application process is available online:
We thank you for your help in advance. We believe it is so important, especially in these uncertain times, to have Christian leaders step up and do what is right in our communities and our county, and what better way to help them get started?
Rob Taormina

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions…we want to make this available to as many students in our Christian community as we can. If it would be helpful to your group I could come in and share about the opportunity as a means of motivating your students to apply.

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