2011 is right around the corner (T-minus 38 hours and counting). How will this year be different for you?

I know for me I have no new years resolutions. I have new years focuses. I've read a lot lately on King Solomon. Solomon started out great enough. More wisdom then any other.  But his legacy was left into the hands of his son Rehoboham, who leads the kingdom being torn into two. It's fascinating stuff. Here's a cool link on some history of solomon, and all that encompassed him.


Now Solomon's greatest sin was the loss of focus. God granted him all he desired, yet he lost his focus, and tainted his legacy.
Here are some of my focuses for 2011, and I pray as 2012 will be here in 15 minutes (or so it shall seem) that I will not lose focus.
1. I'm focusing on being a better husband
2. I'm focusing on being a better daddy.
3. I'm focusing on how I can change my attitude to produce more joy
4. I'm focusing on changing my outlook on difficult situations.
5. I'm focusing on my health (to just live healthier)
6. I'm focusing on my studies (increasing my time in studies both personal and pastoral)
7. I'm focusing on relationships (I want to develop more, and reconnect with lost ones)
8. I'm focusing on needs. (How many needs can I meet in 1 year)
9. I'm focusing on my church (how can I be a major asset to it, and go above and beyond to help make it what God intends it to be).
10. I'm focusing on crafting my writing more.

I encourage you to make a list of "focus" points. When we make points to focus on versus resolutions, we create a "ongoing system" that at any point we can refocus our efforts to achieve ultimate success. 

Find your rhythm

Bobby Riggens

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