I'm sorry. I'm a huge fan of food. I almost, ALMOST have issues with people obsessed with NOT eating, or health nuts. The ONLY thing better then food, is a huge variety of foods. This is why whoever invented the BUFFET, is up there with whoever invented AIR CONDITION. Why? because food brings people together. Today I had the priveldge to go to my favorite spot on the ROCK...DIYA (a Indian buffet). I look for any reason to go there, with anyone. Through that buffet I've sat with close friends, Pastors, missionairies, mentors, evangelists, abolitionists, and even wives (ok...just one...mine). Today I went with my friends and co-workers (Jared, Cecil, Henri and Josh which btw we got the first glimpse of the NEW DO!!! ) Food brings out the best conversations. Jared is a new co-workers, and knowing how much he values peoples stories, I knew he was going to ask everyone their stories. 
      It's so cool to hear the diverse backrounds so many of us can come from, yet be at the same destination, especially in our faith. Around the table sat 5 men with vastly different backrounds, yet are now on the same team, pulling in the same direction, for the same wonderful maker. If that doesn't impress a person, nothing will. As I was sitting there with my friends, hearing where they came from, and knowing where I came from. I was greatful. Greatful for the stories, Greatful for the where the frienships will go, and even more greatful for butter chicken.....and that Henri picked up the tab ( - =

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