If you would have have told me 10 years ago, I'd be a maniac trying to find a Barbie camper for my youngest daughter ( side note: This is year 2. I'm trying not to have to sell a kidney to afford it) If you would have told me I'd be on such a mission, a ravenous mission. I would have told you.......That you were probably right! As a teen-ager I couldn't wait to be a dad. I planned how I would act, how I would discipline my kids, and most importantly how I would love, affirm, and care for them. See right where I am at, is right where I dreamed I would be. With a amazing wife who loves me more then anyone has or probably ever will. 3 fantastic kids, who, each in their own way hold such a special place in my heart. With a job that takes everything that I am,  requires everything that I am not, and couldn't imagine living without. See I did 3 things growing up.

1. I prayed for these dreams.
(everyday I prayed for my wife, my kids, and even the dad I would be). Now I pray for the spouses and grandchildren (not weird at all).

2. I studied others who were "living" my dreams.
(Anyone who had remotely a life that resembled something I prayed for, I studied, took mental notes, and tucked them away into my heart.

3. I worked (and still work)  my dreams
(I didn't just wait for these dreams to come to me, I worked them. I sought a woman who would complete me, raise kids in a way that they will respect, honor, (and worship me....just kidding).

(Remember: What we call dreams, God defines as purposes. When we speak of dreams and aspirations, it's not by OUR doing, but finally by us catching up to God's awesome plan for us.

Dream on...

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