Everybody in their own minds have the "best" type of leader. Usually defined as someone who is available, someone who has a vast knowledge of wisdom, etiquette and even personality (or so we hope ). We can just as easily define the "worst" kind of leader . Usually this takes more effort because we ignore some important traits and stick to the basic "they are insecure, prideful, weak" and the list goes on and on. See those characteristics are bad, actually God Himself detests them. In all honesty though, they are cure able. Pride can easily fall, in our weakness he is strong, and we become our most secure, when we realize we are weak and need a hero". The worst kind of leader though is this. The Leader who cannot see beyond his own mirror. At our staff devotion today my Senior Pastor read out of Joshua. In Joshua 1, at some point in my ministry career, I circled in bright red letters "Moses is Dead". THIS was an important statement God made to Joshua, because Moses had died, and God was essentially tapping Joshua on the shoulder saying "Moses spent the most intimate time with you, poured all he had into you. Its go time baby". (Jimmy Smuda translation). Imagine if Moses, right after the parting of the sea, calling down the manna from heaven, the 10 commandments, etc etc said to himself, "You know what? I got a pretty good ministry here. People should pretty much hear what I have to say. Obviously I'm a pretty big deal," and NEVER took the time to take Joshua with him to pray, lead, fight etc. Imagine!
     I'm a firm believer that If you've NEVER followed, you have ZERO right to lead. If you cannot tell me in less then a minute your spiritual mentor by name you're not equipped to lead spiritually. I'm a firm believer (bible based) that unless you are under authority, you deserve NO authority. 
                              Yet I'm most convinced if you are not producing any current fruit of pouring yourself into someone younger (or less experienced then yourself in some cases) then yourself (In my bible, it clearly says Joshua was "Moses' assistant") you are the worst kind of leader.
     Bad leadership is not based on personalities. Personalities change. Bad leadership is defined by central focused figures who cannot see beyond today. So how do we avoid being the"worst" kind of leader in church?

1. See beyond your mirror. The ministry your leading (if done well now) will far outlive you. How are you planning for that.
2. Fill up, Pour out, Repeat continually. Be VISIBLY under somebody. Verbally let everyone know your being poured into (even use names. It's ok, you won't look like less of a leader), then SHOW everyone your pouring right back into others (again use names). This keeps everyone fresh.
3. Do ministry unto God, always to reach others, and NEVER make yourself the focus.



Really good post! Very life giving.

Jimmy Smuda

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